CrossChx Platform

Product Design, UX, UI, Enterprise Systems


Connect gathers and analyzes patient data from across the care continuum, empowering care teams to manage care across disparate health systems to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Connect creates one interoperable and patient-centered care plan that brings care managers, providers and community-based organizations into one conversation.


Quill is a simple and friendly text editor that allows care managers to collaborate on patient-centered care plans. The UI was kept simple so care manager could focus on what matters most – the patient – without the distraction of a complicated interface. Quill allows care teams to communicate across care sites and track the history of each patients care plan.


January–April 2017

Joey Ianni, Matt Pasternack (Product Design/UX)

Jonathan Hirko (Product Owner)

Jon Bernard, Michelle Flowers (Engineering leads)

Wes Kull (Branding)