DecisionDesk Application

Product Design, UX, UI


DecisionDesk is a friendly application management tool for higher education, fine arts programs, and non-profits. DecisionDesk enables more than 100 clients to achieve enrollment goals with admissions technology that their applicants and staff love to use.


Post-its everywhere.  We used a lot of them (so much so that they were the most sought after gift in our office white elephant). We used User Story Mapping to define our product and desired outcomes. This served as the product road map and and north star for the company. We used story mapping to facilitate client discovery and map their workflows. It helped us understand how people use our product, and the journeys that different user types take. Hat tip to Jeff Patton for making us experts.


DecisionDesk allows university admissions admin to track the entire application process—all the way to final decision. Admins can configure views of applications and route them to the appropriate reader. 

Reviews are customized for each organization. Reviewers can collaborate and make better, smarter admissions decisions


We wanted to make applying to college easier. With DecisionDesk, students can create centralized profile that allows them to quickly apply to any university in the DecisionDesk network. Applicants can track their progress through a Credentialed checklist. This tells them when they're ready to submit. And, it's 100% digital—meaning, students can upload rich media (videos, images, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and more) with no file size restrictions, so they can better represent themselves. 


September 2015

Joey Ianni (Product Design, Creative Direction)

Katie Morris (User Experience Lead, Product Design)

Jon Boyle (VP Product)